Want to ask a quick question about an Excel formula or stuck with something in your spreadsheet and need some help getting moving again?



So you're ready to start making a profit from your expertise online?

The key to the growth of your online business is:
🚀 a great strategy
🧰 the right tech and tools
📈 actionable metrics

Let me and my resources give you the techy know-how to:
🎨 Design and build your WordPress website ready for marketing and lead generation. Design and connect MemberVault, Google Analytics, your email marketing, project management, CRM and social media... to have a business ecosystem that just works.
⚡ Determine the key metrics you need to track regularly and set up a well-designed dashboard so you can see new opportunities or spot any problems.
📊 Make the spreadsheet your friend! Whether you're using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets - know the key formulas that will make answering business questions from your numbers easy and automated.

Available Products

Expedio Members' Lab

[Free] Access cool spreadsheet tools and how-to videos

Use these free resources to help you choose and setup the right online business tech and know where to find and track the numbers that matter.

There'll be tips for the right formulas to use in your spreadsheets and understand how using the data you have can help you make smart business and marketing decisions.

Momentum with MemberVault

Want to get your MemberVault site setup off to a flying start?

Schedule a FREE call and give me a little bit more information so I can help you with all the techy headaches that are stopping you from getting your expertise out in to the world and measuring its success.

Website Build in a Day

[Special COVID-19 Lockdown offer - 50% off to help offline businesses get online fast] A one-day special service, dedicated to you, where we get your website built and online in one day. We'll be using WordPress with the Divi theme. Your layout options are a little restricted compared to our standard service but the functionality is not. You'll be able to look after the site yourself afterwards and amend text as desired. We'll make sure you've got the basics of analytics and lead generation ready to roll.

Perfect Pricing Calculator for Freelancers

A spreadsheet workbook (Microsoft Excel) that will take you through each step of finding your perfect pricing strategy and tracking the next year for your business.

Income & Expense Tracker

A simple income and expense record keeping system for the self-employed and freelancers that provides your profit and loss statement and the right numbers for the categories on HMRC self-assessment tax supplementary form SA103S

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